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Has space indoors and out in which to relax. We also have a cat exercise wheel for your cat's enjoyment.

We massage cats when they are stressed and want a relaxing belly rub. Cats simply love the attention and purr away.

In the unfortunate event that a guest becomes ill whilst staying with us we have access to local vets in the area. Your Cat will be well taken care of.

The Happy Cat Hotel is a small, family run, feline-exclusive boutique hotel, boarding cattery and acccomodation in Kensington, Johannesburg. We are a cats only boarding facility that offers generous amounts of pampering, good food, comfort and spotlessly clean accommodation that will have your cat purring and wanting you to go on holiday more often. We provide a safe, calming and hygienic accommodation for your cat in an enriched environment. The Happy Cat Hotel and exclusive boutique boarding cattery is personally run and supervised by the owners, and you can be rest assured that your feline friends stay with us will be a happy, comfortable, stress free and pleasurable one. We also have a cat exercise wheel for your cats enjoyment.

cats only boarding
Cats Only Boarding

(No Dogs), with space for only a very limited number of pampered cats – your cat will receive maximum individual attention in a comfortable, quiet, home environment. Each cat condo has an unobstructed view of our shady courtyard garden, so your cat can stay in touch with the outdoors.
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home environment
Home Environment

Our cattery is just steps away from our home, so we can keep an eye on our guests, throughout the day and evening hours.
Each large cat unit has a mezzanine floor separating the sleeping area from the litter tray and cats food.
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20 large cat units
12 Large Cat Units

We offer 12 large individual cat units which are separated into two designated areas for sleeping, feeding and litter box. Our cat units have a sneeze barrier where cats can see each other but cant interact with one another till they are in the communal lounge under close supervision.
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How We Started The Happy Cat Hotel

When we wanted somewhere for our cats to holiday in a safe, stress free and fun environment with caring, empathetic people who have an innate understanding and love for cats, we were encouraged to set up a cattery and boarding facility in Kensington, Johannesburg. A seed was sown, and the idea of offering a safe, secure, modern, luxury Hotel for cats to stay while their Mum and Dad are away from home, was born.

We have a clear vision of the high standards and caring ambience that we wished to create. Everyone who knows us recognises the passion and commitment that has gone into developing this business and that the health, welfare and comfort of all of the cats in our care will be first class! We found a need for a cat hotel and we established our family run feline-exclusive boutique hotel and boarding cattery in Kensington, Johannesburg, based on our love of cats.

  • Family run, feline-exclusive boutique hotel and boarding cattery
  • Open 6 days a week except on Sundays and public holidays 
  • Easy to use online booking system for clients
  • Cat lounge with scratching posts and cat trees
  • Large cat exercise wheel for your cats enjoyment 
  • Premium food fed to our guests – Royal Canin
  • Cat drop off/ collection and Cat drop off/ delivery service.
  • Long and short term stay/accommodation available
  • Photo updates of your cats via our Facebook page
  • Access to safe and secure outdoor play area/catio
  • Relaxing classical music played throughout the cat hotel
  • 100% Cats, No dogs!!
cat entertainment

Cat Entertainment

Our kitty lounge and open play area has scratching trees and posts that are provided to keep your cats entertained while visiting.

Outdoor Pavilion

Outdoor Pavilion

Cats love our secure outdoor pavilion in the garden, where they can climb, and look down upon humans from high above. The giant, colorful cat tree and high ledges provide many opportunities for exploring and lounging.

Nutritious Diet

Nutritious Diet

We believe that a nutritious diet for our residents is vitally important. This is why we provide Royal Canin 32.

All Inclusive Rates

All Inclusive Rates

All-Day playtime, food, brushing, whatsApp updates with photos, and unlimited attention are all included in our daily rate. We keep the cat hotel boarding fee simple - no additonal costs!

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