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Our Terms and Conditions

Has space indoors and out in which to relax. We also have a cat exercise wheel for your cat's enjoyment.

We massage cats when they are stressed and want a relaxing belly rub. Cats simply love the attention and purr away.

In the unfortunate event that a guest becomes ill whilst staying with us we have access to local vets in the area. Your Cat will be well taken care of.

Our 2022/2023 Terms and Conditions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BOOKING IN YOUR CAT) In order to maintain our high standards, some conditions apply to accepting your cat/cats to stay at The Happy Cat Hotel and Boarding Cattery. These terms and conditions are important as not only do they form a central part of our contract with you, they also protect all of the cats that stay with us.

Bookings are accepted on the explicit understanding that clients agree to our terms and conditions on our online booking form.

The normal boarding rate of R150 is charged per cat per day throughout the year.
We charge by the day, thus the day of arrival, day of departure & all days booked are charged for, regardless of departure time. There are no refunds for early pickups during these periods.


We are open between the hours of 10am and 5pm. You can also collect your cats within these hours.

We are closed on all Sundays of the year.

We are closed on all major holidays: therefore customers can no longer check in or check out their pets on Sundays and on all major holidays.

Do not book in your pet on any Sunday of the month. Book in the Saturday before or the Monday after. All December bookings is a minimum of 7 days.
Being a small family-run business, we need to run our cattery on an appointment only basis so you MUST book an actual appointment time for dropping your cat off & collecting your cat, otherwise we can’t book them in. Please let us know if you’re running late/early so that we can plan accordingly.

Full payment or balance of your deposit is required before the date of arrival.
We accept only EFT payment.

Due to problems in the past with no shows and last minute cancellations at peak periods, we require a non-refundable deposit (for half the amount of the cost of your cat’s stay) with all bookings from new and existing customers.

In order to confirm your booking, the deposit is required within 12 hours or less of making a booking. If this is not received, the booking will automatically be cancelled. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Your cat is not booked in until we have received your fully completed form & your deposit

Please make sure your deposit (for both new and existing customer) is paid within 12 hours as non-paying customers bookings are deleted from our system after 12 hours if deposits haven’t been received.

All cats must be fully vaccinated against Feline Leukaemia (FeLV), Feline Panleukopenia, Feline respiratory tract infections (Snuffles) and Rabies.

A condition of boarding is that your pet is in a fit & healthy condition and your cat MUST HAVE HAD their annual vaccinations/boosters at least 2 weeks before arrival – you MUST bring vaccination cards with you on arrival every time. If your cat isn’t currently up to date with annual vaccinations it will take 5 weeks for them to be covered.

Your cat MUST be vaccinated every year & you need to bring vaccination card EVERY time you drop off your cat.
We will not accept your own copy of your cat’s vaccination certificate or a letter from your vet stating that your cat has been vaccinated. We require the original vaccination certificate – no photocopies or vet receipts are accepted.

ALL cats must be up to date with flea treatments upon arrival to prevent them from bringing in and catching fleas. (Flea products need to be purchased from the vet and not a pet shop to ensure its strong enough to prevent them catching fleas).

Your cat’s vaccination certificate will have the label for the flea and worm treatment. (This must be from the vet and not a pet shop, as pet shop bought flea treatments aren’t strong enough for use in a cattery to prevent your cat from catching fleas, most flea treatments last for 4 weeks so please make sure your cat is up to date for the duration of it’s stay).

The Happy Cat Hotel is strictly a boarding facility for healthy, well-adjusted adult cats. We are not, and do not profess to be, a rehabilitation unit, animal hospital or a special needs facility. Please do not contact us if your cat needs this type of care.

  • We cannot accept unneutered male or unspayed female cats (We require proof of documentation that your cat has been neutered/spayed)
  • Senior and mature cats that are over 8 years old that are fit, healthy, not on any special diet or special meds are accepted at R150 a day.
  • We cannot accept cats who require special care. A senior cat with health problems such as arthritis, cancer, dental disease, failing vision, hearing loss, asthma, diabetes and kidney disease, takes complicated medications, or who is older than 8 years old and has never boarded before is not a good fit for our cattery. For the sake of your cat’s health and safety, we suggest contacting your veterinarian or a guardian or pet sitter who can provide the proper care. Please do not contact us if your cat needs this kind of care.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking if a cat exhibits overly aggressive behaviour and presents a threat to us and/or other cats boarding with us.
We will isolate your cat pending the time you come back from your holiday.

We trialled the Royal Canin in our boarding cattery for six months and saw fantastic results, consequently we now feed the Royal Canin Fit 32 range exclusively to all our guests.
There are food stations around the cattery so your cat will nibble all day long. We no longer accept owners to come with their own special or vet prescribed cat food as we have found out that most cats do not eat their food when here at the cattery.

It is clearly understood that all cats are boarded at the cat owners’ risk. While all precautions and care is taken, we are not liable for escaped cats, accidental injury, sickness, or death while in time of care.

Cats becoming unwell or injured during boarding will receive their veterinary attention from a local veterinary clinic. In the instance of a cat becoming unwell we will try to contact the owners before seeking veterinary attention. However if this is not possible, the care of the cat will take priority and veterinary attention will be given.

All cats must be brought in a suitable cat carrier. We do not accept picnic baskets or your cat carried out of your vehicle in your arms.
We will not be held liable and accountable if your cat is spooked and it decides to leap out of your hands. Please use a proper vet approved or pet shop cat carrier.

We do not recommend bringing beds & blankets, toys, treats, items of your clothing or brush for your pets. Once their unit is opened and they are free to roam around, they never go back into their units and therefore do not use the items from home you have supplied. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CAT IN A PICNIC BASKET.


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